The Mapping Guide

A Guide to Mapping Technology


Mapping technology is a term that describes the equipment and techniques used to prepare analyze and distribute maps of all kinds. Mapping technology is used to gather data from which plans can be made. Images from satellites and sub-meter resolution images from both government and commercial satellites can be used to get data without going to the site. With the current technology, it is impossible for someone to get lost in a new place since handy mobile tools are being used to check direction. Mapping technology will create an impact to more industries since it is a requirement in most industries. Mapping helps people to travel and explore new places since they cannot get lost and they will use the maps to find their way out.


With the growth in CRE analysis technology, people can track where they are and where they are going. Nowadays you can zoom into a location, and you can see the surrounding buildings. People who are in the transport industry can get data about traffic information the maps will also give information on road conditions. The mapping technology will also help people to map temporary locations. The mapping technology will also help people to know the crowd size of buses and trains. In future, the mapping technology gives you information on where there is free parking space. You will also pass through safer routes since the mapping technology will show you where there are gas emissions.


Mapping helps gather information on people and places. DigMap Mapping is used to address a variety of societal issues such as land. Maps can show areas with a more substantial view especially when they are viewed from above. With the maps, you can see features like minerals, rivers or water bodies more clearly. Maps can display a variety of features and information.


There are also the digital map products mostly used by organizations like real estate, government, utilities and other sectors. The digital map products are cloud-based and highly flexible, so there is no software to install, and one doesn't go through maintenance costs. There is also the real estate analysis whereby one gets access to GIS mapping. The real estate analysis helps people to make decisions involving land and property. One can also research on the real estate more quickly than before. Use the mapping technology, and you will be able to tell the places around you. Watch this video about real estate mapping.